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We are event organizers

An event that aims to achieve its intended goals must necessarily be defined and meticulously planned down to the smallest details. With this in mind, it is clear that the role of an event planner is absolutely crucial, and their expertise in "never leaving anything to chance" becomes of fundamental importance. During the planning of an event, even the smallest mistake could compromise its success. It is from these premises that Iside20 was born, an event planning company operating in Puglia and Salento. Our goal is to make every moment a unique experience and to perform a "job" that improves the lives of those who benefit from it during the event.

WE AIM to preserve the principle of tradition while reinterpreting its meanings and arriving at representations that are a renewed expression of current contemporary values.

REJECTthe tendency to standardize events through the analysis of every need

TO EXPLORE and unveil the beauty of nature through the creation of a unique and precious style that enhances its value.

WE STRIVE to defend the freedom to be in order to enable the possibility of alternative thinking.


"Only beautiful things..."

Graduated in Cultural Heritage and trained at the Institute of Art in Decorative Painting, after obtaining a Master's degree in Event Planning and Wedding Management, she founded the company Iside20.

As a dynamic and enterprising dreamer, she never hesitates to take on new challenges. Her ideas, always unique, are characterized by the original combination of creative perfectionism. Having been active in the sector with companies and professionals for more than a decade, she has extensive experience in the field.

Marica Caracciolo
Founder and Manager Director

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