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Muro di cemento e cactus

La Masseria

Be Enchanted by Puglia and Its Stories. Embrace the raw beauty of a sun-kissed land, wrapped in nature's embrace. In the Salentine and Apulian Masserie, you will witness the sophisticated beauty of authenticity. Immerse your senses in unforgettable experiences woven with the echoes of deep-rooted traditions, enriched with sounds and flavors, colors and landscapes that this region cherishes and safeguards.

Il Giardino

Surrounded by Salento's Countryside, Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment of a Vast Land Wrapped in the Magical Silence of Nature. The Glass Room at the Heart of the Garden Offers the Opportunity to Experience these Wonders Throughout the Year.

Corridoio con pilastri

Il Chiostro

Nestled within Urban Walls, a Timeless Gem of Medieval Architecture with Frescoes and Period Elements Awaits. Experience Unrivaled Beauty and Luxury with Gardens and Pools, All While Enjoying the Convenience of City Living.

Il Palazzo Storico

Every Hall Conceals a Secret, a Story, an Ancient Life. Be Enchanted by the Tales of Each Detail, Immersed in the Abundance of Unparalleled Beauty. Bestow Charm and Elegance Upon Your Event.

Windows vecchio edificio
Interno del castello

Il Castello

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey; Savor the Timeless Elegance of a Fortress Steeped in History; Listen to the Restless Yet Serene Sounds of a Place Where Ancient Tradition Shines Amidst the Beauty of an Authentic Village.

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